About Rotterdam Art Prints

Rotterdam Art Prints (RAP) is a Rotterdam-based community of printmakers. We sell affordable limited edition prints and products from Rotterdam.

By joining forces with other printmakers we hope to share knowledge with eachother and the fun of printmaking with the world.

Are you interested in joining RAP? Please contact us.

Meet the makers!

Since a very young age, Conform Cox (Cox Janssens) has been driven by exploring, learning and creating. To become a Homo Universales was in her head a good choice for a job. She never lost this eagerness to be a know-it-all: it made her work in different creative fields and established her creative studio Conform Cox in 2016. Cox has worked as an illustrator, animator, graphic designer, podcast maker, researcher, textile designer for different clients and makes detailed prints in her free time, using analogue techniques.

During the day, she is an editor/journalist. But in the evenings and on weekends she transforms into Lino Nyno. She draws, carves, inks and prints her designs by hand. She loves bright and contrasting colours and is inspired by nature, animals and landscapes. 

Hilde Speet spends most of her time being a graphic designer, photographer, and exhibition designer. But when frustration is running high, she puts her anger on paper where hers is suited best. This results in prints with a scratchy feel and a touch of chopped off fingers.

Graphic design duo Sophie Balch & Tijn de Kok aka ST–DUO make colourful graphic risograph prints. Mostly sketches and experiments this creative outlet feeds into their design practice. Analogue printing techniques and authentic details are a distinguishable aesthetic of ST–DUO’s work.

Arjan Elenbaas is a drawing- and screenprint-artist. Specialised in making colourful multilayered screenprints. Inspired by cities, nature and daily life in general.

Graphic designer and printmaker Fenna Schaap creates colourful graphic risograph- and screenprints. With her playful working method she embraces the analog process, resulting in works that are both traditional and experimental.

Roderick van Hasselt is a screenprinter & Rotterdam (marine) pilot. His screenprints are photograph based and Roderick likes to experiment with colour profiles creating a rich colour experience with a minimal palette. Main subjects are patterns from nature and maritime images.

Teuntje Fleur is a graphic artist. Characteristic of her work is her remarkable use of colours and shapes. She sees shapes, patterns and lines in everything around her. Her work is escapist, energetic, playful, striking and multi-layered. She explores the graphic field in a playful way and seeks solutions in outspoken designs.

Chris Idema is an architect and screen printing artist who is inspired by the: built environment, strong design language, ensembling, and the figurative.
Influenced by his earlier work, sketching his surroundings in thick black line artwork, he has been developing his craft of screen printing through experiments of how to transfer three-dimensional qualities to a flat medium. As such, his work is characterized by the search for depth by modeling and lighting, highly contrasting elements and bold colorwork that find their way onto paper through a combination of digital and hand production.

Laura Aranda studied fine arts having an interest in graphic design. During her studies she developed a passion for screenprinting. Her work searches for the balance between color and shapes, sometimes with repetition and other times with straighforward shapes. Currently working also under the name Studio Amargo.

With humour and colour, Bart Geelen's illustrations smack you in the face. But this isn't unpleasant, you kind of needed it, even though you didn't know it. The kind of slap in the face that makes you laugh. A joyful awakening to appreciate the imperfections of nature. 

The bold colours and variety of textures are inspired by silkscreen printing - the analogue print technique he uses to bring his drawings to life on paper. Take a walk through a jungle or a skatepark and be inspired to see the world from a new perspective.